3H Audits

The 3H Audits are a series of activities designed to record data that demonstrates how public Officials are treating the houseless community in the United States. As Birthright and Naturalized Citizens of this country, we are granted certain Rights that can not be taken away from us, nor can any State or Local Municipality establish ordinances and laws that conflict or impede on these Rights. It is our duty to our community of nomadic travelers and houseless locals to demand our Rights are honored as all others should be. We audit Constitutionally Protected Rights against acts of bigotry and discrimination and report our findings to the public as well as advocacy groups.

We intend to begin legal actions against municipalities that have demonstrated a systemic abuse of power to discriminate against the houseless in the near future. We must first structure our auditing activities better and collect the data in a more secure manner. We are currently seeking volunteers that would dedicate some time to helping us achieve the goals in preparing legal action to deter future discrimination in the most abusive regions of the country.